About Vaanam Constructions

Vaanam Constructions was launched to offer our customers the very best service and value to fulfil their home dreams.

Vaanam Constructions

Vaanam Constructions was founded with the goal of providing the best service and value to our customers in order to help them fulfill their home dreams. Our experts have mastered the art of building homes that suit every class of society with a pinch of elegance and creative edge, taking our homes to a whole new level.

Let us build you a dream that will last for generations.

Till now, Vaanam Construction has turned 450000 sq. ft. land into a property with 500 happy and satisfied families. We are experts in designing and innovating dream homes and delivering them on time.

As unique as we are individually, we share a vast experience of more than a decade in the real estate market, understanding the need to create affordable houses with unique architectural concepts. We formed Vaanam Constructions to provide finely designed homes that are affordable to people from all walks of life. We at Vaanam Constructions are young and energetic, having a mutual passion for building aspirations and fulfilling them. We take pride in promoting a strategic, integrated approach to building and delivering homes on time, without cost escalations. Combining a decade of experience with passion and dedication to deliver high value, we believe in going beyond the limit to build vibrant homes in Tamil Nadu

Committed to Values

We provide our services to clients with strict adherence to our values along with our social and community commitments.


Our teams work as a cohesive unit in delivering homes and providing a consistent style and performance.

Tailor-Made Homes

We focus on social strata and provide homes that are best suited to your needs.