Exciting Apartment Exteriors

It’s such a pleasure to shop for apartments in Chennai these days.

Exciting Apartment Exteriors

Especially with beautiful architectural design, gorgeous interiors and state of the art amenities.

Have you paid attention to the unique exteriors some of these apartments sport? Plain-faced concrete structures are a thing of past decades. Today construction companies in Chennai challenge themselves to create a tasteful amalgamation of various materials.They create building elevations that are unique and unusual thereby making your apartment stand out in its neighbourhood. To add to the beauty of these facades,is carefully thought out landscaping making you feel like these apartments are straight out of some luxury lifestyle magazine.

Material Options

A wide variety of material can be used on your exterior construction of apartments to enhance your buildings beauty. Other than the regular concrete smooth finish look of most apartment buildings around, a range of materials can be used to create stunning results.

Wood finish

Wood finish veneers make an apartment interesting. The wood can be stained in various shades as per the taste of the builder and a glossy finish can give your apartment a luxurious as well as homely feel. It is used to highlight windows or balconies or to simply break the monotony of the facade.


Ever thought of metal facades that are sparkling and reflective during the day, giving the apartment an ultra modern appearance. Steel need not be used to cover the whole exterior but rather to offset architectural elements of the building.

Stone Cladding

How about stone cladding? To be had is a diversity of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. From cool greys to warm sandy and dark brown tones each making the apartment building a style statement. In time adding some creeper foliage to the building would make your living environment truly charming.


Granite finishes are also popular giving the apartment a feeling of a cool haven.

Stucco Finish

A stucco finish with windows framed in wood lends the building a Mediterranean look.

Brick Finish

Naked brickwork is sometimes used as statement of modernity.

A great deal of credit goes to the architects and constructors who use these materials to create interesting exteriors. Their experience helps in choosing materials that withstand the external weather conditions. They have to choose materials that are light weight as well as durable. Thorough market knowledge of the options available as well as the pricing is an essential requirement.

An architect’s design skills are vital to create well-balanced looking structures. Combining materials such as wood and stone cladding or wood and metal while keeping a visual balance in spite of the contrast is indeed an art. Also ensuring the building does not look visually heavy. Finally the choice of colour for concrete portions of apartment exteriors can be mind-boggling. Mostly light tones like cream and beige are used to make apartments look clean and light.

Large windows

Large windows promise well-lit and ventilated inviting rooms.


Balconies add to the wonderful option to sit out in the privacy of your own home.

A good construction company keeps the design of the compound wall and the gate also mind. It should not distract from the design of the apartment building and yet must be congruent with the overall design.

If a construction company in Chennai were to design such exteriors one can be assured of interesting and well-planned interiors as well. Great design is also an indication of a construction company keeping up with the latest building technology and trends of our times.

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