Ideas to Paint your Home

For us Indians, to live in an own house is a life-long dream and aspiration that enhances status.

Ideas to Paint your Home

Very recently, my friend and I bought an apartment in Kodambakkam, Chennai. We made the right choice in selecting the area, negotiating the price and finding the right bank for our loans. But one thing that is way too long to come at a decision was the choice of the colors to paint in our new home. We taught color palette will just be a small choice we ought to make, but it required just the amount of research and talks before finalizing the ones that we wanted to go with. As a Blogger, I thought it was very important to share my research on selecting the right colors for your homes, so it would make your life a lot easier to go along from here:

Learn about the interiors

The moment we decide to paint, we pick the colors first without understanding the structure in which our homes are built. Firstly, understand the elements and patterns of your homes, and then select small rooms and paint it to see how the paint looks. By this you can always try different colors and shades.

Always pick light colors

Bright colors look very strong, and it becomes very hard to adjust rest of the structures to suit the bright color than you have picked. You will need to compromise on the rest of tones with neutral or white. Rather go with light colors with which you can try different combinations.

When to choose shades

If you are to paint rooms with different colors, shades are very important to strike a proper balance. To get a classy look, use shades with the same of that of the rooms will be create a very subtle effect. And don't be afraid to add your creativity.